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Passover began on Monday April 14th and continues until Tuesday April 22nd.

The Passover festival is a time that we remember how Moses, peace and blessings be upon him, freed the Israelites who were enslaved by the Pharaohs over 3,000 years ago, and led them out of Eqypt. The term comes from when the plague that swept Egypt ‘passed over’ the houses of the Israelites.

The mention of Moses has tied up your thoughts,
you think these are stories that happened a long time ago.

Talking about Moses is a mask—
the Light of Moses is your real concern.

Moses and Pharaoh are both within you:
you need to look for these two adversaries within your self.

The birthing from Moses continues until the Resurrection—
even though each lamp may seem different, the Light is the same.

This clay lamp and its wick may appear to be different,
but the Light isn’t—it comes from Beyond.

If you keep looking at the glass of the lamp, you’ll be lost,
because it’s from the glass that multiplicity is seen.

Keep focusing on the Light, so you’ll be free of duality
and the multiplicity of colors of this limited body.

[Mathnawi III: 1251-1257]

Image: ‘The Exodus’ by Uzi Cohen

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