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Remembrance – The Spiritual Practice of Zhikr eCourse


We are looking forward to participating in this wonderful new eCourse by Mevlevi Shaikh Kabir Helminski, starting on June 29th, the first day of Ramadan. Shaikh Kabir will take us through a month-long practice on zhikr (spiritual remembrance of God).

We will practice remembrance with the Divine Names through sound, through breath, through awareness of the heart, and through reflections on our actions – with audio recordings to convey both the knowledge and the “state” of remembrance – drawing upon the primary sources of the Sufi tradition that beautifully express this dimension of human experience, including Qur’an, Hadith, the wisdom of Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Yunus Emre, and more.

Join us and share your experiences on the discussion forum!

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