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Sacred Dances of the Silk Road Sep 20th

Sacred Dances ChorltonSaturday, 20th September 2014, 7pm-10pm
St. Clement’s Church, 6 Edge Lane, Chorlton, Manchester M21 9JF
Tickets: £15

A night of sacred dance, music and poetry; featuring exquisite dance performances by lead dancer Farima Berenji, San’at Mahmudova, Rashid Shadat and Kerimeh, with music and poetry by Rumi’s Circle, and daf and tonbak performances by Arian Sadr.

Come experience the transforming and healing power of ancient dance, music and poetry in all its many forms from Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Arabia.

Get ready to open your hearts and embody the Divine energy that transforms and heals our world. Melt barriers that stop you from living from your heart and tap into joy through sacred dance, music and poetry.

The show is followed by “Sacred Dances of the Silk Road: Dance Workshop” taught by Farima Berenji on the next day. Sunday, 21st September 12:30-17:30, St Clement’s Church, Chorlton, Tickets: £27 (early bird) until 31st August, £42 thereafter.

Contact for more information and to reserve your place or book you ticket now through the Paypal link here.

10% of the proceedings from the events will be donated to Anatolian Charity. Anatolian Charity is a non-profit organisation in Wirral. The main missions of Anatolian Charity are to help vulnerable women and children and open libraries in primary schools in rural and underdeveloped parts of Turkey.

Please SHARE this event, invite your friends and get ready for a wonderful journey through the Silk Road!

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