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Eid Mubarak!

kaaba magnet

Eid Mubarak friends! Wishing a blessed and joyous time to all! Congratulations to all the pilgrims returning from their circumambulations around the Holy Kaaba. May we all feel our connection to Prophet Abraham and his family, God’s peace and blessings be upon them all.

The edifice of the prophets was raised without greed;
that’s why the splendors of its renown increased without pause.
The grandeur that accrued to the Ka’ba
was derived from Abraham’s acts of pure devotion.
The excellence of what the prophets build
is not from earth and stone,
it is from the absence of hostility or self-interest
in the one who is building.

[Mathnawi IV: 1137-1139, The Rumi Daybook, tr. by Kabir & Camille Helminski]


Image by Ahmed Mater: “Magnetism”

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