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The 99 Names of Allah children’s book

Rumi’s Circle are proud to support Chickpea Press, a children’s publishing company that aims to create engaging, contemporary and imaginative books and digital apps for younger readers, drawing inspiration from the great spiritual traditions of the world.

They are currently crowdfunding to raise funds for the production of their new book, The 99 Names of Allah, an inspiring and colourful guide to the Divine Names for children, parents and teachers, written by Daniel Dyer. Creatively introducing readers to names that describe Allah, such as the Endlessly Compassionate (Ar-Rahman), the Loving (Al-Wadud) and the All-Powerful (Al-Qadr), this book engages the heart and illuminates the richness of Islamic spirituality.

CoverThe Names are explored using the Quran and sayings from the Prophets, such as Muhammad, Jesus and Moses; the noble companions such as Ali, Umar and Aishah; and wise men and women, such as Rumi, Rabia and Al-Ghazali (may God bless and be pleased with them all). Each Name comes with a pronunciation guide and imaginative reflections and activities to help readers explore its beauty and transformative power.

Check out more details in the video above or directly on their crowdfunding page: and help us share and support their wonderful work!

Chickpea Press will be showing sample Names from the book at our event on Valentine’s Day – join us for The Spiritual Practice of Rumi at Council Chamber, Students Union Building (Steve Biko), University of Manchester, Oxford Road, M13 9PR this Saturday at 2pm!

One comment on “The 99 Names of Allah children’s book

  1. hadithandquran
    March 15, 2018

    ALLAH is the most perfect,merciful,kindness, knowledgeable.He need the help of nobody and every depend on him.

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