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Breaking Free with the Interfaith Amigos

the-interfaith-amigos-signupBreaking Free: Spiritual Liberation through Interfaith Dialogue with the Interfaith Amigos

E-course running April 13 – May 8

Imam Jamal Rahman, Rabbi Ted Falcon, and Pastor Don Mackenzie have been working together for over 14 years. The horrors of 9/11 brought them together to consider how truly effective interfaith dialogue could alleviate the demonisation of any religion. They believe that all authentic spiritual traditions are sacred avenues to a shared Universal Reality from which true healing of personal and planetary problems flows.

In this exclusive e-course developed for Spirituality & Practice, the Imam, the Rabbi, and the Pastor, who have become known as the Interfaith Amigos, look at the specific issues we face in a pluralistic society and the spiritual practices that can help us transcend those roadblocks to effective collaboration on the critical issues of our time.

We’re looking forward to joining this e-course! Join us – find more information and sign-up here.

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