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Happy Islamic New Year!



Today is the first day of the Islamic new year, the 1st of Muharram, 1437!

We wish everyone a Blessed New Year — may it be full of love, compassion and unity!

We share with you a prayer from Mevlana that he would recite upon the advent of Muharram:

mevlana“My Allah! You are The First and The Last! Your End has no end. And this year is the New Year. O Allah! I wish from You, with Your Compassion, that within this year I may be protected from the Devil whom one stones, that You might help me against the nafs which orders me to do so many wrongful deeds, that I might be occupied with things that bring me closer to You, and that I might avoid the things that will take me away from You. O Allah, Whose Grace is widespread, and Who showers His Mercy especially on the faithful, and Who possesses Greatness, Favour, and Grace, this is what I wish from You!”

[Manaqib-al Arifin by Aflaki]


One comment on “Happy Islamic New Year!

  1. Engr Sami
    October 14, 2015

    Masha’Allah.Happy new year to you as well.May Allah SWT adorn us with TAQWA.ameen

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