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Mevlana’s Urs

Mevlana Tomb

Today my Sun and my moon have come.
Today my hearing and sight were born—
The mine of all my silver and gold is here
The one who made my head drunk arrived,
The one who is the light of my glance. . .
I always searched for something more;
today that something more arrived.
Dear friends, today is better than yesterday.
Do you know why I was so drunk?
Because I had news from my Friend.
The wine I’m drinking today—
Is the kind that clears the mind—
and now at last it is the time to fly
because my feathers and wings have arrived.
Not until my pain went far beyond imagining
could I make this journey of Love.
O Lord, nowhere I have traveled is better than this.
I wanted to tell you more, but unfortunately, my dear,
they took me somewhere
where all these words don’t matter.

~ Mevlana Rumi, image by Natasha Alexiouk

Join us for the London Urs celebration tomorrow night:

Urs Flyer 3

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