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Rumi’s Urs: Poetry and Picture highlights

Urs 2015 group

We had two wonderful Urs celebrations in Bradford and London. Thank you to everyone who came and shared their hearts, we feel very blessed to have brought together such an amazing group of musicians to celebrate the beautiful beings, Mary and Muhammad, may eternal peace and blessings be upon them and their families.

Some highlights of the poetry shared and pictures taken:

Sarah YaseenMuhammad said,
“Woman prevails over the wise and intelligent;
while the ignorant dominate over her.”
They lack tenderness and affection
because their animality prevails.
Love and gentleness are human qualities;
aggressiveness and lust are bestial.
Woman is a ray of God.
She is not that earthly beloved.
You could say:
she is creative, not created.

[Mathnawi I, 2433–37, The Pocket Rumi, trans. Kabir and Camille Helminski]

standing dervishesAbandon the dry prayer of words,
for the tree presupposes the scattering of seeds.
Yet even if you have no seed, due to your prayer,
God will bestow upon you a palm tree
saying, “How well did he labor!”
Like Mary—she had heart-felt pain, but no seed:
an artful One made that withered palm-tree green for her sake.
Because that noble Lady was loyal to God,
God fulfilled a hundred desires without desire on her part.

[Mathnawi V, 1188–91, Jewels of Remembrance, trans. Kabir and Camille Helminski]

Mina SalamaThe Jesus of your spirit is within you:
ask his aid,
for he is a good helper.
Don’t seek from your Jesus the comforts of the body.
Don’t ask from your Moses the wish of a Pharoah.
Don’t burden your heart with thoughts
of livelihood; livelihood will not fail.
Be constant in attendance at the Divine court.

[Mathnawi II, 450; 453–54, Jewels of Remembrance, trans. Kabir and Camille Helminski]


Ali NourbakhshWhirling is the peace of the soul for the living ones;
only the one with the Soul of the soul knows it.

Only the one who is asleep in the rose garden
should want to wake up.

But the one who is sleeping in a prison
would be worse off awake.

Amir KoushkaniWhirl where there is a wedding,
not in mourning, nor in lamentation.

The one who has not seen his own essence,
the one from whose eyes that Moon is hidden,

for such a person what use is sema and daf?
Sema is to unite with the Beloved who took your heart.

Daniel whirlingThose who turn in the direction of prayer,
whirl in both this world and the next.

Pay heed, when a circle of friends whirl,
circling round and round, the Kaaba is the centre.

If you wish for a mine of sugar, it is there;
and if you wish for a fingertip of sugar, it is gratis.

[Divani Shamsi Tabrizi 339, Love’s Ripening, trans. Kabir Helminski and Ahmad Rezwani]


See more pictures on our Facebook page. We’ll also have some video highlights to share from the evening soon!


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