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Wisdom Stories from the Sufi Tradition, May 1-28

wisdom-stories-sideWisdom Stories from the Sufi Tradition: 
an eCourse with Shaikh Kabir Helminski
through Spirituality & Practice, May 1-28

What is Sufism, and what is a Sufi story? What we mean by Sufism is something so essential and all-embracing that it might rightfully be seen a form of higher perception, like adding a third dimension to a two dimensional world. Sufi stories help us understand many “languages” as we reflect upon their literal, psychological, and spiritual messages. By doing so, they contribute to the transformation of our social conditioning, prejudices, and blind spots, and open us to a truly spiritual reality.

Join Shaikh Kabir and an international community to explore the wisdom within Sufi Stories.  Some examples of stories we will look at:

The Sufi, the Judge and the Sharif
The Man Who Wanted a Tattoo
The Greek and the Chinese Artists
Different Ways to God
The Merchant of Secrets
The Man Whose Best Friend Was a Bear
The Shaikh Who Messed-up The Marketplace

Drawing on Rumi, as well as the rich storytelling traditions of Central Asian Sufism, we will reflect on how stories become containers for meaning, lenses for perception, and multidimensional symbols for the education of the soul. One of the keys to comprehending Sufi stories is to be aware of the context of meaning, the spiritual universe that was assumed by the storyteller. And yet each story adds something new to that context, expanding our awareness and understanding of the soul’s journey and the spiritual nature of reality. Some stories reflect back to us the subtle ways in which our ego’s biases distort reality. While other stories give us hints of what it must be like to live in a state of divine realization, free from the domination of the false self. Some stories are derived from the history of our tradition and its spiritual heroes. Others are pure allegory, meant to be held consciously in our hearts, viewed from different angles, transferred to our deeper mind in order to become a perpetual source of meaning.

Sunday, May 1 – Saturday, May 28
USD $49.95

Sign-up at Spirituality & Practice.

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