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SoulScript, London Fri 17th Jun

SoulScript17th June 2016 1-2pm
The Tent, St Ethelbergas, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG

Rumi’s Circle has for a while now been informally facilitating what it likes to call “SoulScript”. SoulScript usually involves a small gathering of friends from different faith traditions and none, who read selections from the holy scriptures of different faiths together with sincerity and respect. Together we reflect on the short passages and share observations and insights from our hearts. The hope is to deepen our collective understanding, nourish our souls, and deepen our friendships.

We have adopted the Divine Feminine as our theme for SoulScripts for the year ahead.

We invite you to our first formal SoulScript to be held in the Muslim month of fasting on 17th June 2016 at The Tent in St Ethelburga’s from 1pm till 2pm.

Please arrive promptly. Our friend Julian Bond has kindly agreed to help facilitate our first formal gathering (having co-facilitated many informal ones) and St Ethelburga’s have offered to generously host us. We will be reflecting on Proverbs 8 from the Holy Bible which Julian has chosen for us.

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