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O Drunkard!


Image by Tomas Castelazo

Why do you not keep the company of other drunks?
Do you not see how your breath sickens the sober?
Not content to sup in modest company,
you threw yourself into the vat like an immoderate fool.
The sweet stench of inebriation drives away
even the wine itself. You must leave the tavern;
do not seek to return until the hangover has whispered
caution in your ear and temperance in your heart.
Be humble and apologise before the townsfolk,
lest they never speak to you again.
And when the sober judge knocks on your door,
proffering olives and bread, do not protest and ask
“why do you offer olives instead of grapes?”

This poem was written in the first year of finding Threhold Society and the writings of Rumi. People are, on the whole, gregarious creatures, wont to share experience and to enthuse over the positive in their lives. Some, when first falling in love, do so hard and deep and show no restraint in expressing this. It is hardly surprising that the vessel fills instantly to overflowing when dipped into the infinite well of love. Each comes to the path in their own way and in their own time, and a disparity in emotion has the potential to damage or change interpersonal relationships. Moderation, humility and peace will help one to achieve The Golden Mean.

~ Grant Wray, London

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