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Sufi Whirling Retreat, Turkey May 1-5

Join Sufihouse for their next whirling retreat, May 1-5, in Turkey

Explore the depths of sema (whirling) through an awareness of the body and the soul. This exploration will include investigating sema in the body, sema in the music and sema in the soul.

The daily sessions start in the body and on the earth, observing our balance, our inner center points and the functions of turning with Senem Gürez who is a massage and body awareness therapist. These sessions will be accompanied by Selçuk Gürez playing the Ney (Turkish reed flute).

After this awareness sessions held in the morning, having found our balance, we will be moving from the earth towards the sky, from the body to the soul during the second part of our daily sessions. Here we will be exploring the classical way of whirling put forth by the Mevlevi Sufi Order with the Mevlevi dervish Selçuk Gürez.

In addition to our daily body awareness and whirling explorations, there will be live classical Turkish music for 3 nights providing our attendees an opportunity to experience whirling accompanied by live music.

See here for more details and booking.

2 comments on “Sufi Whirling Retreat, Turkey May 1-5

  1. I want to meet or conversation with any shaykh of Rumi Sufi Order

  2. saimma
    February 6, 2019

    Please use this form to contact Shaikh Kabir Helminski:

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