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Continuing with the Sacred Feminine…

We have been very blessed at Rumi’s Circle to explore different themes which speak to a holistic spirituality with the support of our friends and community. One such theme is the Sacred Feminine. We facilitated two retreats in 2016 and 2017 allowing space for women and men to come together to explore this. The interest and passion for this work continues and so we have decided to create a new space devoted to such wayfaring called RAY of God.

A third retreat is being offered in Kendal, the Lakes, on October 18-20 this year. You can see more details about its theme of Sacred Roots, and our speakers here. We feel blessed to have Elizabeth Anne Hin returning as our keynote speaker again, along with Naseem Khakoo, Marie-Elsa Bragg & Zeliha Akdan.

RAY seeks to be an inclusive space for all to come together and share in the riches of feminine spiritual wisdom. While the starting point is feminine, it is understood that the feminine encompasses the masculine, and vice-versa; the energetic state of the feminine is our guiding principle and holds our intention.

RAY will explore and promote feminine spiritual wisdom to help:

   ~ realise God in all ways
   ~ true balance to emerge into Real Beingness
   ~ align with justice, truth, and beauty.

Feminine-led spirituality can:

~ awaken consciousness and conscious living
   ~ bring the feminine and masculine into alignment
   ~ inspire creativity and nurture human expression
   ~ promote service, mature activism, and responsible stewardship of the earth.

The inspiration for RAY comes from the following lines of Mevlana Rumi:

She is not that kind of beloved most imagine;
she is a ray of God.
She is not just a created,
she is creative.

[Mathnawi I, 2437, Love’s Ripening: Rumi on the Heart’s Journey, translated by Kabir Helminski & Ahmad Rezwani]

We hope we can continue this journey together…

With love,
Fatimah & Saimma

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