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Dive into the Ocean of the Heart

A short meditation with Camille Helminski to accompany your daily practice:

One comment on “Dive into the Ocean of the Heart

  1. Mark David Vinzens
    March 20, 2020

    The Ocean of the Heart 🙂

    O Drop

    Listen, O drop, give yourself up without regret,
    and in exchange gain the Ocean.
    Listen, O drop, bestow upon yourself this honor,
    and in the arms of the Sea be secure.
    Who indeed should be so fortunate?
    An Ocean wooing a drop!
    In God’s name, in God’s name, sell and buy at once!
    Give a drop, and take this Sea full of pearls.

    [Mathnawi IV, 2619-2622, Jewels of Remembrance, trans. Kabir & Camille Helminski]

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