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RAYfest21 Oct 30-31

RAYfest21: Encounter, Embody, Embrace
Oct 30-31, 2021

What is possible when we reconnect with our bodies and begin again to see them and the earth from which they are formed as sacred, regenerative, and holding wisdom?

Join us for an inspiring online festival where women of spirit explore how our bodies and the earth are deeply interwoven, revealing the shifts in embodiment that we experience through the cycles of our lives. We hope to speak with courage and truth to some stark realities that our world is facing, sharing powerful visions integrating ancient wisdom with new futures. The festival will also offer practices encouraging deeper connection to our bodies and the earth, along with conversation, prayer, and music. All welcome. Live captions for all sessions.

Tickets are on a pay-what-you-can sliding scale from £20-£50 for the full weekend. Small number of concessions available, get in touch for more details:

Amisha Ghadiali
Camille Helminski
Daliah Latifa Nur
Elizabeth Anne Hin
Fatimah Ashrif
Dr Justine Afra Huxley
Rev. Dr Karen Georgia Thompson
Leyla Jagiella
Melody Moezzi
Naima Khan
Naseem Khakoo
Rabiah Mali
Rev. Dr Rachel Mann
Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen
Saimma Dyer
Sophia Ayesha Ansari
Mrs Trupti Patel
Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe)

Original artwork: ‘Earth is my Mother’ by Uzma Taj

RAYfest amplifies feminine wisdom which can empower us all to advocate for a more egalitarian and conscious world. While the festival is women-led and women-centred, we welcome and encourage all genders to join us in a safe, inclusive space.

Register now at

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