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Seven Cities of Love, Manchester Oct 9-11th

Seven Cities of LoveWe are excited to be attending the upcoming concert “Seven Cities of Love” which is a dramatic music and dance performance led by three of the most distinguished artists from the Persian and Turkish cultures. Davod Azad, Farima Berenji, Latif Bolat, and their colleagues bring together soul-stirring mystical melodies, and exquisite sacred dances of ancient worlds to illustrate mystical poetry in a tapestry of sound and colour, gesture and motion, word and breath, to touch hearts and to open a window to pure transcendent beauty.

The programme includes lectures, a concert and a workshop. Follow Unique Circle on Facebook for more information or email or call to book your tickets.

T: 07470 032667

2 comments on “Seven Cities of Love, Manchester Oct 9-11th

    September 9, 2015

    Salaam, Dear Saimma,

    Will performance take place in any other city I.e London. Please kindly let me know.

    Kind Regards, Syeda

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  2. saimma
    September 9, 2015

    I’m not sure if the artists are performing elsewhere, Syeda. I would recommend contacting the organisers directly:
    T: 07470 032667

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